Photo Feature / Fort Kochi – Ratheesh Sundaram

Fort Kochi is one of the cities which I always wanted to visit as it is like a Pandora’s Box unveiling surprises and unexpected joy. A favorite haunt of Kochi, the beach at Fort Kochi is a tranquil experience at any time of the day. Meeting the locals, migrants and foreigners gives an intriguing mix to Photography.


I did numerous candid and street photography in the lanes of Fort Kochi.The people are Cosmopolitan, with lots of migrants welcomed with a good temperament. The European Heritage Buildings are a mark of exceptional architecture and history and a fascination for hundreds of visitors every day.


This  city born in storm, nurtured in rivalry and established as battling ground for European empires is a must visit for a Photographer or for any person interested in experiencing blend of cultures. These are some random shots from my wandering archives

Ratheesh Sundaram is a Thiruvananthapuram based Freelance Photographer. He is a Post Graduate in History and Photography has always been his passion. He travels across India and abroad to pursue photographing dance, cultural events, streets, fests, temples, wildlife and portraits. He finds monochromes of particular interest. His images are inspired by his interest and understanding of history, music, art, culture, and travelling. This gives a unique depth and resonance to his photography. One can view his collections on –


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