This is for you

all of you who chooses to flourish from

the ashes, the concrete that

squishes you under the ground where

the dirt lies


This is for you

you who goes to the beat of your own drum

sing to your own tune from morning til noon

you who is pushed from the crowd


This is for you

so don’t take my words lightly

let them build you up from where you

stand, grasping your trembling and nervous




you who no one pays attention to

who everyone eats your words whole

and swallows YOUR PRIDE


This is for you

and don’t you forget it because

I’m coming to dry up your pools of tears

and make everyone open their ears screaming

“won’t you listen, to this sad song?”


The memories of your pain have endured

for too long. They’ve taken your feelings and

shattered them like a mirror

rocked and quaked your very foundation


and have broken your dreams without

hesitation. Don’t you want to be freed from the

incessant rejection?  build up the courage inside of

yourself, shake the bonds that you’ve let shackle



this is for you

not the dreamcrushers or the dreamstealers

not for the dope fiend or the drug dealer

not for swag monsters or the popular crew

this is not for me, but it’s for you


this is for you

bathroom crier, song writer

the outspoken and underestimated

this is because you have finally made it


so take a deep breath, let it all in

because this is when the old you FINALLY ends…


-Tamiah Renee
Tamiah Renee is an African American poet from Colorado, U.S